Pauleen Burfoot

Fine Artist

In 1956 Pauleen graduated in Fine Arts from Canterbury University.
After a graduate’s year at Auckland Teachers’ College,
she married and raised five sons. 

She-has always been an avid gardener, so it was a
natural progression from there into the field of floral designing.
Pauleen became a national judge and teacher.
In her personal designing she is highly respected for her design skills,
use of colour and innovative ideas. She has twice been
awarded “Auckland Area Designer of the Year” and has claimed
the “National Premier Design Award” an unprecedented three times,
in the Floral Art Society of New Zealand’s pictorial diary -
a publication which is distributed world-wide. 

After a twenty-year involvement with this art form, she has
 developed an acute awareness of each curling petal and
curving stem. She has a special empathy with plants -
and this is the essence of her paintings. 

Pauleen’s works feature in private collections in New Zealand,
Australia, Japan, and USA. They represent the culmination of a
life-long love affair with nature  - expressed in a
permanent medium.


....a word from the artist 


I was born and raised in the Nelson district.

Because my father was on a war veteran’s pension and my
mother had poor health, my two sisters and I had no purchased toys.
Our play things were natural treasures such flowers, leaves,
sticks, mosses, mud, shells seaweed, and clay. 

We painted. We mixed up bucket fulls of Nelson’s famous
yellow, grey, brown & orange clays. As well we used
blue-black mud from the cockle bed and concocted a
slimy green from crushed watercress, and red-violet  blackberry mush.
For paint brushes, fibre stripped from flax leaves was bunched
and bound to slicks with wire carefully removed from
 Dad’s whitebait scoop. If we wanted fine brushes,
we snipped tufts out of our hair or the part persian cat!.
Parents allowed us to paint  our slippery pictures on the
concrete paths, shed walls and paling fence.
Many a blissful Saturday was spent thus.”







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