Sports Montages - ‘Champions’

"A picture paints 1000 words -
but a
Montage tells the whole story."


Team Montage

Have the whole team or club photographed in action. With a bit of computer magic we can then create a stunning montage to be used as a team photo, gift for the coach, or have enlarged and printed on archival canvas for the clubroom wall. A disk is also provided to each individual player containing his/her individual
images for mum and dad.

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Photographic Fee
$40 per team member (minimum 7 members).  Each team member receives their own disk with around 8 individual images plus candid team shots.

Optional Montage Creation
$160 (file only, printing additional).

All prices quoted are in New Zealand dollars,
exclude goods and services tax (GST)
and are subject to change


                        Individual Montage           

We will capture all aspects of an individual sports person’s event, show, or competition, then wave our magic computer wand and create a stunning montage that best showcases the individuals sporting/action prowess, successes, and all of the other finest moments from the event. Then have
the montage printed on the highest quality
archival canvas or photographic paper
for the wall at home or the trophy room!

Click on Image for Sports . Action Gallery

A disk of all the individual images are provided
at the end of the process.

Pricing dependent on type of event etc.
Contact us for over the phone quote.







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