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Award winning photographer and New Zealander,
Dougal Burfoot is nationally renowned for his
wedding/portraits, contemporary land/city scapes,
sports action and lifestyle photography.

Doog possesses an acute awareness of his environment
which, together with his keen eye for composition,
and superb use of colour, enable him to “choose and shoot” images which not only have “people appeal”,
but also display considerable artistic merit.

His tireless and tenacious pursuit of the perfect image
will often find him far from civilization, yet completely at home in the untouched outer reaches of New Zealand’s wilderness, or equally at home capturing by day or night,
the vibrant city scapes of many of the world's greatest cities including his home town, Auckland NZ.
Dougal's eye for detail and ability to capture emotion tells the story of a wedding day in a way that no one else can.
These arenas are where he achieves his
most enviable results.

Doog’s work has accompanied articles
published in New Zealand’s wilderness magazines,
New Zealand’s lifestyle garden magazines
and various travel publications.

Dougal offers limited release works printed on
various mediums including canvas. 
Image Library or  Photo Art on this website.

Doog lives in Stillwater with myself and our three children, Jacqui, Megan & Scott and our dog Charlie .

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