Pauleen Burfoot

Fine Artist

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Rising Suns 720mmX1010mm $1,800.00 SOLD

Wisteria with Silver Eyes 1mX600mm $1,800.00 SOLD

Nik's Cat 810mmX810mm $1,600.00 SOLD

Nasturtiums 900mmX500mm $1,800.00 SOLD

Spring Rhapsody 900mmX600mm $1,850.00

Granny's Rose 600mmX600mm $800.00

He Loves Me - He Loves Me Not.... 800mmX600mm $1,300.00

Wisteria 1200mmX550mm $1,500.00 SOLD

Azalea Garden 1020mmX550mm $1,700.00 SOLD

Penthouse Garden 1010mmX720mm $1,900.00

Strelitzia 900mmX600mm $1,150.00

Jacaranda with Geese 1mX760mm $1,300.00

One Dozen Tulips 600mmX600mm $800.00

Trio 750mmX600mm $900.00

Summer 280mmX600mm $1,100.00

Midnight Sun 600mmX600mm $700.00

Summer Haze 1mX600mm $1,600.00

Yellow Calla 400mmX700mm $800.00

Sunny-side Up 1010mmX710mm $1,850.00 SOLD

Sunflowers X Six 1mX800mm $1,700.00 SOLD

Solar Flowers 101mmX720mm $1,950.00

Blue Garden 1mX700mm $1,300.00

Tall Poppies 710mmX560mm $900.00

Poppy Pizzicato 400mmX700mm $800.00 SOLD

Reverie 800mmX600mm $1,500.00

Morning Glory 600mmX800mm $850.00

Puka Breezes 1020mmX720mm $1,500.00

Bees' Dilema $1,500.00

Orange Calla 1mX800mm $1,900.00

Young Kauri, Weiti Forest 600mmX600mm $1,900.00

Red Geraniums 710mmX510mm $900.00

Flower Duet 600mmX400mm $1,300.00 SOLD

Sun Drenched 1010mmX720mm $1,800.00 SOLD

Tiptoe Through the Turlips 1200mmX550mm

Sun Seekers 500mmX1190mm $1,200.00 SOLD

Sunflower Fields Forever 1mX600mm $1,700.00

Spring Dance 400mmX500mm NOT FOR SALE

Clock-Works Sunflowers 900mmX700mm NOT FOR SALE

Pansies 600mmX600mm $900.00 SOLD

Summer symphony 700mmX830mm $1,700.00

Madame Leonie Vienot 700mmX400mm

Lavender 1mX800mm $1,900.00

Red Hot Pokers 700mmX400mm $800.00

Zantedeschia 600mmX600mm $900.00

Northland Beach 1mX800mm $1,200.00


Daffodils 1mX600mm $1,900.00 SOLD

Zinnias 400mmX600mm $800.00 SOLD

Blue Carpet 800mmX600mm $1,400.00

Lazy Days 800mmX800mm $1,700.00 SOLD

Out of the Blue 1mX500mm $1,400.00 SOLD

Jacaranda Way 800mmX600mm $1,400.00

Zephyr Breezes 720mmX520mm $900.00

Golden Harvest 1mX600mm $1,900.00

Pollination 720mmX520mm $950.00

Rock Patterns, Waiake Beach $1,900.00

America Cup 2000 1mX700 $1,900.00 SOLD

Takes Two to Tango 1010mmX550mm $1,300.00

Potted Pansies 500mmX400mm $800.00 SOLD

Life's a Buzz 800mmX800mm $1,500.00 SOLD

Out of the Shadows 750mmX600mm $950.00

Joie de Vivre 1500mmX600mm $1,950.00

December 605mmX605mm $950.00

Joy's Pansies SOLD

Daffodowndilly 350mmX750mm $1,000.00 SOLD

Naked Ladies 750mmX350mm $850.00

Red Clivia 500mmX500mm $800.00 SOLD

Escholtzia 1020mmX550mm $1,800.00

Orange Poppies 500mmX500mm $900.00 SOLD

Whananaki Baches 1mX390mm $1,400.00 SOLD

Whananaki Baches SOLD

Westland 910mmX610mm $1,950.00








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